Porsche Boxster Special Edition Tamiya Model Kit: 24249 £22.99

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Porsche Boxster Special Edition Tamiya Model Kit: 24249

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Scale: 1:24

Dimensions(mm): Length 183, Width 80


Realistically reproduced exterior and interior

Solid synthetic rubber tyres

Open or soft/hard closed top can be selected

Additional Info

1/24 Scale Sports Car Assembly Kit24249Porsche Boxster Exclusive The Porsche Boxter, with its horizontally placed 6-cylinder engine and rear wheel drive attracted fans around the globe with its unique style. Owners were always tempted to build upon this uniqueness by adding option parts not only for performance enhancement, but also for style. Customization known as "Porsche Tequipment" became popular for provinding option parts for Porsches and other cars to dealers. Eventually, Porsche produced a splendid array of its own option parts and ventured into a program known as "Porsche Exclusive" that enabled Porsche owners to receive close support on customizing their cars. In addition to body material and color selection some of the options included lowering clearance for better handling, adding a larger stabilizer, and attaching reinforced shock absorbers. Option packages such as a sports chassis package and automated control system (PSM) for increased stability were also available