1:72 Biber & Dingo 1 Revell Model Kit: 03192 £17.99

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1:72 Biber & Dingo 1 Revell Model Kit: 03192

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Scale: 1:72

Number of Parts: 247


      Biber: Length 158

      Dingo 1: Length 76



Biber:- Front launching arm with movable main hydraulic system
            Rear launching arm can be fitted in all operational positions
            Bridge elements can be coupled
            Injection moulded tracks with individual links and segments
Dingo 1:- Transparent parts to represent window
                Complete drive line with mine deflector
               Gun mount with optional MG 3, 40 mm grenade launcher or 12.7 mm MG

Additional Info

The Biber (Beaver) tracked bridge layer was introduced into the German Army in
1973. This horizontally laid cantilevered bridge offered the advantage over the
previous system (scissors or bascule) of a flat silhouette. The Biber can
bridgeover an obstacle within 2-3 minutes. The 2-man crew can control the whole
procedure from the tank and are therefore protected. The Dingo 1 was obtained
toprovide better protection for the soldiers during overseas operations in
Kosovo and Afghanistan. This very mobile cross-country vehicle offers protection
against infantry munitions and artillery fragments. A V-shaped deflector on the
underbody even deflects most of the explosive power of an anti-tank mine around
the body.