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Playmobil 70230 - Spy Team Command Sled

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With space for up to 2 figures. Includes 3 figures and working lights and sound. Dimensions: 58 x 20 x 15 cm (LxDxH)

In their latest adventure, the top agents find themselves in icy territory. The audacious Dr. Chill hatches a diabolical plan. But with their modern Spy Team Command Sled with snow chains, even ice and snow are no problem for the clever agents. The General and Tec are currently loading one of the valuable energy modules onto the sled trailer: ""Extend the ramp, push the energy module onto the platform, attach it and fold in the side arms"" orders the General. ""Done!"" shouts Tec, as suddenly out of nowhere an Arctic Rebel on a snowbike speeds towards them. Of course the two smart agents react in no time, load the rear cannon and fire a warning shot at the bike. The unknown rider turns off, that was a narrow escape. The Spy Team Command Sled is equipped with a movable rear cannon with projectiles and a sled trailer to transport the energy module. The play set contains three PLAYMOBIL figures, a snow bike, an energy module with light and sound and many other agent extras.