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Hasbro The Chow Crown Family Game

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It's the musical crown-spinning, chow-chompin' game. Put on the crown then load the dangling forks with various food. (Food Not Included, additional purchase required. ) Ready? The crown will spin and play music – and the challenge begins! Players try to bite off the food without using their hands, and aim to eat them all before the music stops. Want more of a challenge? Switch from the short game mode to the longer game mode. The player who eats the most food wins.

Food attaches on forks around the crown (Food Not Included. Additional purchase required. ).

Try to eat the spinning food before the music stops.

Get ready for the laughs as players catch the snacks.

  • Contents: Includes electronic crown base, crown front, crown back, arm holder, 3 jewels, 6 crown arms, 6 fork arms, 6 plastic forks, and game guide.
  • 2 or more players.
  • Batteries required: 3 x AA (not included).