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U Hugs - Scary Baby Figure

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U Hugs Scary Baby is a cool, customisable doll that comes with interchangeable accessories. Use the pins, eyes, mouths, wigs, clothes and shoes to personalise your doll. Each doll has their own style and the pins are interchangeable between dolls, so children can create their own unique doll too! U Hugs are made from a soft plastic material with 16 holes for pins to customise your doll and a compartment on their back to store them. The pins are unique with various finishes and each doll features a diamond pin on the top of their head as a unique symbol of the U Hugs family. They also have a hook on their head to hang up your doll. Each U Hugs doll comes with shoes featuring fashionable designs which you can flip round to create a new style. U Hugs allow children to create looks, moods and attitudes that they can call their own! Collect all the different characters - Sweety Rock, Starry Fairy, Screamy Queen, Scary Baby, Sassy Fashion and Scratchy DJ!

Suitable for ages 5 and above.

Contents: 1 U Hugs doll, 12 pins.