Pikmi Pops Surprise Pushmi Ups £5.99

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Pikmi Pops Surprise Pushmi Ups

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Who are you going to get in your Pikmi Pops Pushmi Ups Single Surprise Pack?

Surprises don’t get any sweeter than Pikmi Pops, an amazing world of super cute and colourful characters.

Unwrap your surprise pack to reveal your hidden ice cream scented plushie, who’s hiding in amongst a load of sparkly confetti. You also get a surprise message to read, and a string to dangle your toy on.

You can pop your plushie back inside the PushMi Ups, and reload the confetti to have the same fun explosion time and again.

There are 12 cute mini Pikmi plushies to collect in this new range. With ice cream flavours including everything from blueberry and bubblegum, to chocolate and marshmallow, grab them all while you can!

Perfect for popping pusher uppers aged 5 and up.


  • Ice cream scented plushie
  • PushMi Ups vessel
  • Surprise message
  • Dangler string