Orbeez Wowser Surprise Series 1 - Magical Pets £5.99

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Orbeez Wowser Surprise Series 1 - Magical Pets

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"In a far away land of sparkles and wonder, millions of Orbeez bounced with each other. As the Orbeez swirled to the left and the right, someOrbeez blasted far way, some began to unite. They formed the magical Wow Worlds of glimmering friends, where no two were the same and all were best friends. They’re called Wowsers when they magically appear, and bring love and good luck whenever they’re near.

With cute names like; Sunbeam, Pupagon, Jeanie, Flinny, Pip, Katterfly, Tweetheart, Darlin’, Cheeks, Sweets, you’ll be best of friends with these adorable creatures too!

There's lots of magical surprises to be had with Wowser Surprise Pets! Unwrap, then just add water to reveal you surpise pet! Twist the handle, to make your pet spin. Then you can hide your pet by removing the water and wow your friends too! There's lots to collect: Sprinkles, Hoppy, plus more! Will you find the super rare surprise pet?"